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Dolphin Brooch in Pewter

Dolphin Brooch in Pewter


Dolphin brooch in Pewter by Paul Szeiler.

With solid brass brooch pin.

The dolphin pendant is 3 cm long

Hand cast in my studio overlooking Loch Broom in the Highlands of Scotland.

I often see dolphins in the Loch , so was inspired to make this brooch which is also available as a pendant.

The original design is sculpted in wax and then a silicone mould is made of the wax original.
Pewter is melted in a cast iron ladle and when molten poured into the mould.

When cooled the casting is fettled and polished and a brass brooch pin is soldered onto the back of the brooch.

Once purchased your dolphin brooch will be securely packaged and posted to you within 3 working days.

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